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Braves GM Frank Wren: “We’ve moved on” from Peavy

Posted by Kenny Ducey on November 15, 2008


Jake Peavy is headed out of San Diego, but not to Atlanta

Jake Peavy is headed out of San Diego, but not to Atlanta

November 15, 2008- On Friday, Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren said that discussions between the Braves organization and that of the Padres.  He said “We’ve moved on…We had our last discussion with San Diego yesterday”.  The two teams’ discussions hit the wall Friday after San Diego’s asking price was too high for Jake Peavy.  Wren would not release the names of specific Braves that were in the proposed deal, however it was rumored that SS Yunel Escobar, minor league OF Gorkys Hernandez, P Blaine Boyer, and P Charlie Morton were potential components of the trade.

This leaves the door wide open for the Chicago Cubs to pick up Peavy.  As I said in my previous Jake Peavy article, the Cubs and Braves were the two leading contenders.  However, Padres GM Kevin Towers said that there would be a third team in the mix, since Chicago is not giving them a deadline.  Reported contenders were the Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, and Astros.

I see Los Angeles as the the “third team” Towers mentioned.  The Dodgers may not get Derek Lowe back, as the Yankees are ready to make an offer for him, and since it is the Yankees, you know it is going to be a huge offer that would have a favorable chance if luring Lowe to the Yanks.  If they do not get Lowe back, there will be a good spot in the rotation needing to be filled, leaving Peavy as a good candidate.  The other factor is Manny Ramirez.  If the Dodgers are unable to sign Ramirez, then they will save a lot of money salary-wise.  They will have enough money to pay Peavy a good salary, making LA a better-looking place to go for Peavy.

On a brief note, Kerry Wood will not be returning to the Chicago Cubs after the Cubs recently acquiredformer Florida Marlins Closer Kevin Gregg.  Wood called the exit “bittersweet” and he does look to go to a playoff contender in the National League.



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