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NBA Top 10 Teams Through 3 Weeks of the Season

Posted by Nike Abbett on November 15, 2008


Lebron James' Cleveland Caveliers are looking better than expected

Lebron James

After 3 weeks of the NBA Season, we’ve seen some great teams and games.


1. Los Angeles Lakers- Even though they lost a sloppy game against the Pistons they still crushed the Rockets and handily beat the Hornets in New Orleans.

2. Cleveland Caviliers- The Cavs are looking better than I thought they would look. They had a big win over Denver and demolished the Mavs in Dallas.

3. Boston Celtics- The Celtics have lost some dissaponting games, but had some good wins. They beat Houston and won on the road against Detriot.

4. Atlanta Hawks- The Hawks started off as the “Studs” but 2 staright losses, one being against the Nets, pulls them down to #4.

5. Houston Rockets- Don’t count out Houston.  Their “Big 3” are doing great and they have lost in close games. Tracy McGrady is a stud, and they did beat the Suns in Phoenix.

6. New Orleans Hornets- The Hornets with a tough scheldule have came out with some big wins (Portland and Miami), but also some dissapointing losses against Charlotte and Atlanta.

7. Phoenix Suns- Wins over Portland and at San Antonio look good, but losses against Houston and Chicago pull them down.

8. Detriot Pistons- Hand the Lakers thier first loss, but other than that no notable wins. Losing to the Nets pulls them down to # 8.

9. Orlando Magic- Won against Dallas, but that is their only big win. With lack of schedule, The Magic are number nine.

10. Denver Nuggets – after that big trade with the Pistons, Denver is looking tough.  I still don’t want to put them up too high but watch out, as they may move up in my rankings


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    Good Job Nike update this when you can people love rankings and your the sites NBA Guy, Keep up the good work

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