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AFC East Review

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 16, 2008

favre-colors-22The Leaves are changing and the chowder is steaming in New England and the Patriots couldn’t be on a hotter seat sitting in a tough and competetive Division. The AFC East is chalk full of teams that were fails of the league last year, the sinners of sins, the 1-15 teams and the 4-12 downfalls. Oh yeah and then there was the 16-0 Patriots. The Patriots is a story that we all remember from last year going for a perfect season, but the one game that wrecked the heavenly dream for Belichick was the infamous Super Bowl. The Tyree catch, the Eli throw it was a heartbreak in the making for big Bill. Now he is sitting at 6-4 and second in the AFC east. With Matt Cassel at the helm it will be tough for them to comeback and regain there divisional lead. The overtime loss to the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS was tough for them and even with a nail biting one second catch to keep them in the game by there guardian angel Randy “the Handy” Moss the jets overtook the AFC east and they look stronger than ever. The patriots as we know are not the same team without Tom Brady, I occasionally enjoy to watch Matt Cassel botch a play up but to my surprise the patriots haven’t botched it up to the extent that the Jets have actually played at there utmost power.   Brett Favre put his experience as a starter and ability to get the ball down the field  on display vs. Matt Cassel and the Patriots. Favre was perfect on throws of 10 yards or more. With a thrity four yard field goal by Feely in overtime it put the Jets at 7-3. The Bills close behind at 5-4 were looking strong at the beginning of the season but the unproven powerfull bills have not shown there true colors yet since there loss to the Cards in my opinion. Matt Cassel was 30/51 for 400 yards on the dot in the Thursday’s game. The pass rush for the Jets was average but the whole division is average honestly.  Miami and Buffalo are both 5-4 and looking like mediocore team’s. I honestly dont understand this division, It is so difficult to un-hinge the team’s in the AFC east. Miami was looking like a crazy team coming out and beating the high end teams at the beginging of the season, any team in this division has a shot to surpass the other, even the Jets. The Jets have a veteran quarterback under center and if there is one thing he knows how to do like any other quaterback it’s control his team and control the game at hand. I predicted the Jets to come away with a win becuase I still think and I will always think that the Patriots are not the same without Tommy. I understand that Cassel passed for 400 yards the last game and threw an absolutely excellent pass to Moss but the job for a Quarterback is not only to pass like a monster but to actually manage the team and control the offense, this is something that Cassel has not had expereince with. I am still not sure how things will shakeup and shakedown but all i do know is expect the Jets to turn heads in the playoffs becuase as long no teams douse the fire in which Brett has rekindled in New Jersey the Jets will be fine as they are. The quick lowdown will go as follows.

Jets: Contender, they have an overall decent defense and with a good receiving core of Coles and Cotchery it will be tough for any secondary to cover the quick recieving duo.

Patriots: Contender, Yet I rank this team as a contender and not a pretender they are very sketchy, they are still the Patriots, I just feel they lost their key and very talented player of Tom Brady, who I think will never be the same player. They had their chance for perfection last year and they lost it.

Miami: Pretender, I feel the Miami Dolphins are not yet ready. It’s not becuase they are tied for last in the AFC east… oh wait it is the reason. The AFC east is a very difficult division to comeback from but if they can get up while there pinned down it will be a nice story to write about, but unfortunatly for Chad and company i dont see them making a difference this year.

Buffalo: Pretender, I see the Bills not making the playoffs this year becuase of the wild card spots that are basically already filled unfortunately for the Bills. The possible spots to be filled would be the teams out of Indy, Baltimore, and New England. The reason why I dont put the Chargers into this ladder is because I think some other teams such as the Bills is a overall more put together team.


Now that I have reviewed the AFC East we will see how it all turns out. I picked many favorites and its something I dislike doing but I call it like it is and i call the Jets to lock the AFC east up in the next couple of weeks.


One Response to “AFC East Review”

  1. bob mennealy said

    I gather from all the sites I have visited that the Pats lose a tiebreaker to Miami Is that correct?

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