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C.C. to NY?

Posted by Levi Wooten on November 16, 2008


C.C Could be making the big move to the big apple

C.C Could be making the big move to the big apple

          CC Sabathia is maybe the hottest free agent on the MLB market this off-season and is getting a lot of publicity already. Many teams are seeking CC right now but the Yankees are definitently the front runners after the offer that they made this past week. The Milwaukee Brewers offered Sabathia $100 million dollars for over five years. The New York Yankees this past week offered Sabathia $140 million dollars for over six years. After the Yankees offered the six year $140 million dollar contract the Brewers GM Doug Melvin said,”If the speculation is true that we’ve offered CC $100 million, why would you offer $140 million? Why wouldn’t you offer $110 million?” The big question now is will the Brewers compete with the Yanks? Can anyone compete with the Yanks? The Yankees do have a big advantage with so much more money to deal with so even if the Brewers out-bid them the Bronx Bombers can easily come back with another much higher bid.


          CC Sabathia had a bad first half and one of the best second half’s that anyone could ever have. The whole season Sabathia went 17-10 (W-L) he had 251 k’s (strike outs) and a 2.70 ERA. CC was simply amazing after the trade with the Brewers and Indians. Sabathia was the reason that the Brewers made the 2008 playoffs and the team with the highest pay roll in baseball (New York Yankees) wants to have an even higher pay roll with the help of CC Sabathia. With the Yanks missing the 2008 playoffs they eagerly wait to see if Sabathia will go back to Milwaukee or come to New York.


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