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Digging the “Fassel” out of the Dirt

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 16, 2008


Will Jim Fassel step in for the Raiders and be the answer?
Will Jim Fassel step in for the Raiders and be the answer?

Jim Fassel in 2000 lead the New York Giants to the improbable Super Bowl. They lost of course but that’s not the point….. uhhh oh wait, that’s right they got hammered by the Baltimore Ravens. Fassel, after coaching in east Rutherford New Jersey Picked up an Offensive coaching job for the Ravens in the 2004-2005 seasons. During this time the Ravens had basically the worst offense in the NFl and they had a putrid passing game. (It ain’t too great as we speak either but aside from that point) nobody thought that he would’ve lead the Giants to the Super Bowl. they did come out with a NFC championship win so I spose that could be a chip on the “Fossil’s” shoulder. But keeping a chip on a shoulder for eight years is tough to walk through.


In January of 2008 the old “Fossil” met with the ‘Skins to try and work out a deal for the opening head coaching job. After two interviews they decided to axe Fassel and hire Jim Zorn. This was a bright move by the Washington Redskins saying that they are second in the very tough NFC East division and are sitting at very nice spot. The ‘Skins look at the playoffs is very bright, Fassel’s not so much.

Jim Fassel wrote a hand written letter to owner of the Raiders, Al Davis.  In this letter he stated that he respects the views of the club and would like to coach the broken team. After firing Kiffin they gave the offensive line coach, Tom Cable, the job of coaching the middle school talented players of Oakland. Sources say that Cable will and would like to stick in the role of head coach as long as the club would like him around, but with Fassel now banging on the door it will be a fight too see who will kiss Al Davis’s 90 year old ass first. I personally think that the job of hiring Fassel would be a step in the right direction for the Raiders, but it wont be a good step for Fassel. I believe that if Fassel takes this job he would have two consecutive loss cause’s of coaching (The first being offensive coordinator for the raven’s). The raiders couldn’t get lower because the only teams that are worse than the Raiders is Detroit and possibly Kansas City. With that being said who knows ‘Ole Al will pick, but godspeed to whoever does get that job because its a hell hole that will stay that way for quite some time.


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