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Kenyon Martin Fined $20,000 for Altercation

Posted by Nike Abbett on November 16, 2008


Anderson Varejao, who "flopped" on a nudge from Kenyon Martin

Anderson Varejao

Denver Nuggets’ Kenyon Martin was Ejected Thursday in a loss to the Cleveland Cavs. Martin brushed up against Anderson Varejao (who is a “Flopper”) off a pick. Varejao, a.k.a Tom Hanks Jr., (He just did a fantastic job acting) flew back 5 feet causing the referee Joe Crawford to call a double-technical and eject Martin.  Crawford was the same refree who ejected Tim Duncan, who was seated on the bench!  Martin had some words for Crawford, and after Martin’s exchange with Crawford, the NBA fined Martin $20,000. This is considered verbal abuse of an official and failure to leave the court in a timely manner.


The Cleveland Cavs beat the Denver Nuggets 110-99.


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