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Manny, Oh Manny

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 16, 2008


Manny Ramirez showcased lazy play during his stay with the Boston Red Sox

Manny Ramirez showcased lazy play during his stay with the Boston Red Sox

On July 25th Manny Ramirez received a letter from the Boston Red Sox that stated he would be suspended from inactive playing. Manny complained on multiple occasions of a sore knee, The Boston management wanted to fix the problem and many players in the dugout thought that Manny just wasn’t playing to his power in which he normal used to. The next step in which the Boston Red Sox took was to make Manny take an MRI test. When confronted by his doctor Manny replied to say that he forgot which knee it was that bothered him. When a test was done on both knee’s, they both received a negative feedback.


This rose contentious thoughts and strained the club. They thought that Manny was playing but not playing with passion. This all happened just one week before he was traded to the Dodgers. When Manny refused to play for the second straight time against the Yankee’s the players were getting very agitated in ways that were effecting the ball club. The result of the game was a 1-0 loss and it was a game that the Red Sox would have like to had their all-star hitter to play in. The loss to the Yankee’s and the MRI all occured on the night of the 25th. The team felt neglected and thought that at the 8th year of his contract Manny was pushing to become a free agent.

We all know what happened in the end of it all. Manny was traded and he returned to play after he received the letter about his suspension. The tension that was sparked by the play behavior of the .347 hitter in the month of July was just too much for Boston. 

                        “The bottom line is he was never suspended and there was never cause for suspension,” Boras said. “The fact is the intent to suspend is not a suspension.” Source from

So essential he wasn’t suspended, and even though the players thought he wasn’t playing to his fullest extent he played in 22/24 of Bostons games in July, he batted a .347 with six Home runs and 17 RBI’s. Sources conclude that Manny was not suspended and he did not receive any sort of fine for his “Lack of play time”. Although he was confronted in the time of this confrontation by multiple teamates including an incident on June 5, Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis briefly tangled in the Red Sox dugout, reportedly because Youkilis objected when Ramirez had been slow to come out of the dugout earlier in the game after Coco Crisp was hit by a pitch, and both benches emptied. The next couple of weeks during the Anaheim series the Red Sox were swept and when the team was boarding to there next series in Seattle he intitially refused to board the flight with his other teamates. Sources later said that his Knee was sore from the Anaheim series that he would not be able to play for another three weeks.

He eventually boarded the flight and played the first two games in against Seattle. this was all before he told Francona that he was too sore to play the follow days of the 23rd of July.


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