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NFC East Review

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 16, 2008


Tony Romo will Try to lead his Cowboys past the Giants in the NFC East

Tony Romo will Try to lead his Cowboys past the Giants in the NFC East

Hmm… It’s not a surprise that the Giants are 8-1 but it is a surprise who they lost to. It’s not a surprise that Washington is 6-3 and second in the division, but it is a surprise that they are 6-3 and second in their division in the year of 2008! It isn’t a surprise that Tony Romo is still in Dallas and the media couldn’t be stronger in big Dallas, it is a surprise that the Cowboys are in a plane that’s is plummeting down towards the ground that is the NFC east.
It’s tough to actually recognize the ‘Skins as a contender, but it’s true. They can actually play a full force game without botching it up on offense and defense. Jason Campbell has put up numbers, Jim Zorn has thrown the brains on the table and the old red sea of Arrowhead Stadium is turning into the red sea for Fed Ex field. With a new coaching job and a whole new coaching staff, it’s a straight up new team and a new vibe for the ‘Skin’s trademark. The upcoming game is the skins versus Dallas, which brings me to my next point starting with the Dallas Cowboys. Brad Johnson was just a wreck and so are the Dallas Cowboys.
I really noticed after the loss to the Cards and the Rams the week after it was clear to me that the ‘Boys were not okay and they still are not out of the thick woods that is the NFC east. The Giants lead the division so far at 8-1. With a tough loss to the Cleveland Browns a couple of weeks ago I noticed something……. ERROR-FREE FOOTBALL?!?!? What? Error-free football, yeah you heard me. The Browns played error- free football. No penalties. No Turnovers. Not a single possession in which they had to punt. With those stats I don’t care what coaching staff you have or the team you’re playing. You could have a Care Bear coaching and the Detroit Lions playing and they could beat the NY Giants if you play football like that. The Giants had a loss coming to them and i just wanted to clarify to you guys the the giants didn’t lose, the Browns won.
OK now, with that settled and the NFC east done…Oh wait, the Birds…The Eagles are a team you love to watch in December and they are a tough physical football club. I don’t understand why people rule them out so fast. They fly under the radar and they seem to pop up out of nowhere on Sportscenter. In the beginning of the year I thought they could’ve made a playoff spot but I am not thinking so right at this moment and time. I understand that the NFC east is sending three teams to the playoffs this year and honestly right now I feel that the eagles are a more passoniate and physical team than the ‘Boys. The Eagles deserve it more but its one of those situation’s where the team that deserves it won’t get it. I hate to see the Eagles win because I have a vendetta against them (Nothing personal). It brings tears to my eyes whenever I see an undeserving Tony Romo and company in the playoffs just to lose in the first game they play because they don’t have the chemistry.


Giants: Contender, The Giants are straight up the team of last year but better…they are the best team in the league and they will make it to the NFC Championship Game without a doubt unless something terrible happens to them, like if Coughlin actually loosens up a bit.

Eagles: Contender, They will not make the playoffs unless the Cowboys keep playing putrid, and with the schedule for the ‘Boys it might be likely that they lose a couple more. Watch out for the Eagles in early December.

Cowboys: Pretender dressed in a Contender outfit, what this means is that if they win out and they get a better if not a one game lesser record compared to the eagles they will win a spot in the playoffs, but if they continue there bull**** then they will not make the playoffs this year. They need to get their crap together and actually have some chemistry. It’s a shame how the average maturity age of the Cowboys is eleven.

Redskins:Contender, The ‘Skins have a complete team, and they work together as a team. If the ‘Skins actually had all the talent that the Cowboys have, and the chemistry coaching they have now they would be one of the best teams in the league. Jim Zorn basically blew the horn for a franchise quarterback and a factor back, and the current Redskin backfield answered his call.


Now with the NFC east down I honestly think this is still the best Division in football. It has the most talent and the overall best rankings. The Giants are a force meant to be reckoned with, but enough said. I think the Redskins and the Giants are the two best teams in that division. It’s very difficult for me too choose what team is better between the Eagles and the Cowboys because as bias as I am, I hate them both equally. I feel that the Cowboys have the second most talent in the division and they don’t have the teamwork. The Eagles and the Redskins have good teamwork but it’s just not enough to surpass the Giant that is … the New York football Giants. So overall I think the second best team is the ‘Skins because of the completeness of the team. 


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