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Brandon Jacobs Pounds the NFL’s Leading Rush Defense into the Ground

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 16, 2008


Ben Roethlisberger led his Steelers to the first ever 11-10 victory in NFL history

Ben Roethlisberger led his Steelers to the first ever 11-10 victory in NFL history

Hey there guys its PhilDog here and this is your November 16th recap!


1pm Games

The 1pm games, the games you sit down with a nice roast beef sandwich, the games you watch to start your morning, the games you watch…wait we watch 1pm games?

~Denver VS. Atlanta: The Atlanta Falcons hosted the not so hot Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos. Every since their tough losses to the Jags, Pats and the Fish people were ruling out the Denver Broncos and with Matt Ryan playing like hes on fire it was tough to pick against the Falcons. They seem to produce a playoff caliber team, and Matt Ryan has soon produced an MO that wreaks of success. Ryan 20/33 for 250 yards and one interception with no touchdowns seemed to be the problem, but when Cutler works the secondary of the Falcons for a 19/26 for 215 yards and a touchdown its a key element of success. This loss surprises me, but i still feel that this win for Denver was greater than the loss that Atlanta withstanded. With the AFC Wild Card spot slipping to a mere only three possible teams to grab it if Denver loses there divisional lead it will be tough to even get a chance at the playoffs but with a Charger loss and a Denver win it will be tough for them to loose that firm lead of the AFC west. Final 24-20 Denver upsets Atlanta and deals them their first home loss.  

~Philadelphia VS. Cincinnati: Nobody expected the Cincinati Bengals to be 1-8 playing a not so great eagles during week eleven in 2008 but it has happened and neither of these teams really look like they can make the playoffs this year. If the Cowboys play putrid like they have the last couple of weeks the Eagles might have a chance but with a loss the Cincy it will not be plausable. During the beginning of the game it was a known fact, the Bengals were out playing Mcnab and Phili. Going into Halftime it was 10-3 Cinci and they had a firm grasp on McNabb, he was forced to throw multiple times and it seemed like they were sending the blitz on him constantly without the offensive line having nothing to say in whether to stop them or not. with a couple of quick strikes the Philis were back in the game tied at 13-13. After a messy botched field goal the two played it out till the end of Overtime. after multiple possessions the two played it out to become the first two teams to tie since 2002. Although I think both of the teams are lost cause’s they are not in a terrible position to make a run for a playoff spot in the upcoming seasons. Final, Eagles Bengals play to first tie in six years.

~Chicago VS. Green Bay: Da Bearsh. Nuff said for most Chicago natives but not if Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay had anything to say about it. Since the first play Green Bay trounced the Bears and they really didn’t stop. the ending score was 37-3 and grant rushed for a whopping 25 carries for 145 yards. It also helped that Rodgers had a pair of Touchdowns. The way this division plays out i wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay comes out on top because of the rushing game that they still posses. Minnesota has a rushing game but not the greatest offense and there passing game, and there rush defense and there special teams and there receiving core…. well the Vikings don’t have that great of a depth chart but really Chicago probably couldn’t say any better when you lookat there players on paper. So the shakeout for this division will be  Green Bay at the top with the Vikings coming in second the NFC has many teams with a chance to grab a wild card spot and i don’t see Minnesota grabbing that final spot in the playoffs. Final 37-3 Grant, Packers run over rival Bears.   

~Houston VS. Indianapolis: Peyton, and Peyton, and Peyton, and i spose more Peyton. The facts show when Peyton doesn’t play neither does the colts and now that Peyton’splaying the colts are winning. The colts came into this game with a mentality that Sage Rosenfels would unfortunately not hand them the game like they did weeks ago. Lighting doesn’t strike twice in the same place and neither will a helicopter move of Sage. The Colts had to win on their own and it really seemed like a dog fight until the end of the fourth. The formula to success is a happy Manning whether it be for the Giants or Indy, and if i can tell you one thing about today Peyton was happy, throwing 30/46 for 320 yards anda pair of touchdowns the guy better be happy or we got a problem. Final 33-27, Manning wipes out Texans with 4 straight second-half scoring drives.

~Saints VS. Kansas City: With a “Brees“. Well that’s essential what the Saints and Drew Brees did when they flew around and ran over the Kansas City Chiefs defense. it was a tough game and many stupid plays put the saints in a downfall mentally trailing for quite some time but in the end it ending up with a NO Saints win. The saints currently 5-5 are on the NFC Wild Card Bubble. With their schedule i can easily see them winning out but i saw them beating many other teams this year so you really cant call anything when  it comes to the “Aints“. Final 30-20, Saints beat Chiefs in their first road win of 2008.  

~Baltimore VS New York: #1 Rush Defense, VS Jacobs, and Bradshaw… Let the blood bath begin eh? The number one Defense in the league clashed against hte best rush offense i have seen in a long time. I have watched a lot of football in my time and I have never seen a duo rushing game quite as well as right hook of Bradshaw and the uppercut of Jacobs. Jacobs ran over the Ravens and made them look like a piece of paper in the first half and Bradshaw made them looklike paper well through the whole game. Bradshaw, 9 carries for 96 yards and Jacobs 11 carries for 73 yards with double touchdown’s forced the Giants to beat around the Ravens like a rag doll. The Giants run and pass defense is red hot aswell. I viewed most of this game and i saw that the rookie Joe Flaco had no chance to even throw in the backfield. The Giantly sized defensive line for NY was a force to be reckoned with and  they showed their worth today in East Rutherford. Final 30-10, Jacobs scores twice as Giants pass 200 yards rushing again.  

~Oakland VS. Miami: The Fish versus the Raiders…what a scary game, huh? Sorry to tell ya Al Davis take your mask off Halloween is over. I think the best news that Oakland fans have anything to look forward too is the talk between Al Davis and Jim Fassel. And I don’t even know if there is good news in that sentence but for the desperate raider fans that still exist its something to talk about i spose. Well to be totally honest i picked the raiders to win this game. All i gotta say really is that Al Davis is still breathing in and out so the raiders still suck. The dolphins on the other hand give the Raiders a loss andthey are now on a four game win streak. I have to say if their is something i enjoy writing about its great stories about teams that actually use teamwork along with Bill Parcels. The Miami dolphins, a one win team edge past with a not so terrible record, and they don’t look to shaby after surviving the storm that was week eleven. Chad James Pennington the old Jet is throwing with surprising poise in the pocket andis on target with most of his throws. Not only is he playing strong but the defense for Miami is not playing at their worst either giving up only 186 total yards to the Raiders, they look like a possible pick for the wild card next year. I’m not saying they got the “Works” that builda wholesome team but they are at least stepping forward instead of the raiders that seem to be tripping backwards. Final 17-15, Carpenter’s field goal with 38 seconds left lifts Miami past Raiders

~Detroit VS. Carolina: Detroit the worst team in the league went against the Carolina Kittens this week and the Panthers didn’t do it withease. With a struggling Jake Delhomme the Panther offense was being carried by the rushing game for the panthers. oh yeah the Carolina defense had to do a little bit too. But their the Lions they can take em right? Well you would’ve thought, it didn’t seem so easy and John Fox actually had to think and call plays out of his big boy playbook against the lions. Starting down 7-0 at the end of the first it seemed that Carolina would actually trail for most of this game, but then they scored three touchdowns in twelve minutes. Although it was a tough loss for the Lions what do they expect now a days? Final 31-22, Team-record 264 rushing yards help Panthers keep Lions winless.


                         4pm games

Ahh 4 pm games, i unfortunately don’t have anything quirkyto say about these games so just bear with me here and shut your mouth!

~St. Loius VS. San Fransisco: So the Rams are coming to town, What does Singletary do? HE BLAMES IT ON MARTZ! Oh we all wish that would be possible but its not, he only blames Martz on goal line stands thats all. San Fransisco is a team that i have become attached to. I dont understand why but i think that they have a good team that actually can get a job done. Now you all must understand that they are not a top 5 or even top 10 caliber NFC team. But they are a good team compared to their division. That is something for Frisco fans to look forward too, there division is bad and it will be bad for some time now. Seattle is broken, the Rams need about twenty years to revive themselves, and personally they gave the Cards a run for their money last week, and if it wasn’t for Singletary being a new coach and they picked something that actually had Gore running the ball Frisco would’ve and should’ve beaten Arizona. Now with that said lets get to the game shall we. Gore is a beast. Yep that’s the game….. you think I’m joking. But I’m not. Oh and there’s this dude that plays QB for them. Nawww not there first round pick Alex Smith I’m talking about the Un-drafted QB Shaun Hill. Hill went 15/20 with 213 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the day, thats the result of a franchise QB but in all honesty your playing against the Rams so i wouldn’t get too full of yourself. This win was big for the Niners, not a big 2008 win but its a win to look into the future and if there’s a team with a bright future its these guys down in California. Final 35-16, Niners score 28 points in second quarter to trip up Rams.

~Arizona VS. Seattle: Seattle.. were to start i guess is the question that the club house doctor is asking himself along with the Seahawks fans. If there is a team out in the NFL who is playing with a bunch of crutch’s and casts, its Seattle. This team is so broken its actually funny to watch their 2nd and 3rd string players fail. Arizona is looking hot on offense like really hot, like Scarlet Johanson hot. Well maybe not that hot but there wrecking through teams like a train out of hell. Warner once again had a great game throwing for a million yards and a 1998786723642676572575645632.99 Passer rating, and he is on his way to a MVP spot in the NFL this year. Nobody thought that this Prehistoric Quarterback would actually still have an arm, but he still does and he has a quick release that only a few of the greats have. Hes smart, he knows how to read a defense he has a cannon and he has a quick release which is something that many Quarterback’s need that they just don’t. That infamous quickrelease is what makes Warner stand out from the others. Although warner only threw one touchdown and one interception, he went 32/44 for 395 yards. on the other side of the field Hasselbeck threw not one, not two, but three Interceptions for only 120 yards. I see the Cardinals doing well in the playoffs but not the greatest. Final 26-20, Warner throws for 395 yards as Cards start 7-3 for 1st time since ’77.

~Tennessee VS. Jacksonville: The Jags. The most underrated team in Football history, but that was last year. This year they are the biggest bust compared to the Browns. They had such high expectations and they probably wont even make the playoffs this year. I am not sure its just we over hype them and just stick them in a corner for a couple of weeks then we take em out, swipe away the dust and realize why we put them in the corner in the first place. This team had talent. Its Gone. Kinda like Bob Saget but in a way that Bob Saget is a god. Aside from that Tennessee is a great story, But Vince Young is not. When Vince Young went down I really thought this was a team that would’ve gotten over taken by the Colts, but Kerry Collins showed me and reminded me that he actually went to a superbowl like a billion years ago. Kerry has managed the team don’t get me wrong but its not their passing game that got them to the rank of undefeated and one of the elite teams on the NFL. Their defense is amazing they put together a show every week. And there rushing attack is always nice to kick back eat some popcorn and watch as well. But the real hero’s on that team is the offensive line, personally I think who ever they play they will make rushing holes andthey will give Collins time in the pocket to pass. With that out on the table tennesseeis going into the rest of this year with a mindset that they arent aiming for undefeated but they are aiming for success. Collins threw for three touchdowns on the day and 230 yards, ok he threw for one INT but the 100+ rushign game balanced that out in order to deal the Jags a blow that they couldnt withstand. Final 24-14,  Titans overcome halftime deficit, beat Jags to improve to 10-0

~San Diego VS. Pittsburgh: The Terrible Towels were put to good use today cause they were swaying withthe wind on a snowy day in Heinz Field. Injuries have really hurt the Steelers in the last couple of loss’s and withthere team at full strength today they werent gunnalet the ‘Bolt stop them today. the game started with a couple of key plays, wether it be goal line stands on fourth down, or a athletic INT by Polamalu the game went back in forth physically all day. goign into halftime it was 7-5 Chargers. I noticed that the Chargers really didntget a lot done ever since their initial scoring drive which got them there only 7 points of the 1st half. When the second half came out the Steelers were roaring andthey rolled with the weather right into the face of the Chargers. Although San Diego tried it was just too much and a late field goal by Reed go them the win and a possible grasp of the AFC North. With the Ravens loosing today and knocking off a potential Wild Card team the Steelers looked very promising today. Final 11-10, Big Ben and company play old school football in a low double digit win to take down the Chargers.


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