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Yankees Deal for Swisher

Posted by Andrew JT Gelinas on November 16, 2008

November 14th- The yanks have splashed into the off season with a bang! The Yanks have acquired 1B/OF player, Nick Swisher from the Chicago Sox for 3 players including Wilson Betemit. The Yanks must be pretty excited about this acquisition, I know I am. The acquisition is very surprising considering the vast talks that the bombers had with Mark Texieira of the Angels. It is also surprising to me because i didn’t hear about talks to get Swisher.

Swisher is going to be 28 this season and is going to try and rebound from a disappointing year. He had the lowest batting average for players that had over 500 at bats. It was a .219 AVG. He also had 24 home runs and 69 RBIs. His plate discipline is usually very good but lat year, it was lacking. Remember, Mike Lowell had a year like that and look where he is today. He is very versatile because he can not only play first base, but he can also play in the outfield. So, he will help the team overall.

In return, the Yanks gave up 3 players. Most notably of the 3 is Wilson Betemit. He was not used that much during the year. When he played, he was adequate. He batted 189 times and hit 50 times. That is an average of .265. He hit 6 dingers and had 29 ribbies. He can field anywhere in the infield, he mostly plays third. He can help the Chicago Sox in that and a disciplined hitter in the back end of the lineup.


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