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Fox Removes Bid to Carry BCS Bowl Games after 2009

Posted by Kenny Ducey on November 17, 2008

The Fox Network announced today that it will withdraw its bid to carry the BCS games after 2009.  It appears that ESPN/ABC, who out-bid Fox by $25 Million, will end up winning the bidding war and getting the rights to carry the games.

Fox currently airs 4 of the 5 bowl games, the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange Bowls, and the National Championship game.  ESPN/ABC, who appears to be the leading contender to get the games, currently has a separate contract to air the Rose Bowl.  With a purchase of the other four game rights, they would air every big BCS bowl game, and possibly become the leader in NCAA D-1 Football broadcasting.


One Response to “Fox Removes Bid to Carry BCS Bowl Games after 2009”

  1. Jerry Jones is working to get the Cotton Bowl in the BCS lineup. The Cotton Bowl is expected to leave the run down Fair Park facility in Dallas and move to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington after the current contract ends.

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