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Rumor: Lugo to Detroit?

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 17, 2008



Julio Lugo may be packing his bags for Detroit

Julio Lugo may be packing his bags for Detroit

Earlier in the past couple of months the Detroit Tigers were proposing to trade for the Boston Red Sox Shortstop Julio Lugo. The trade was waved dead just quite a bit ago but now rumors are stirring up sources say that the trade is very much alive and is getting to the point were they are naming players for a possible trade.


Reportedly either Dontrelle Willis or Nate Robertson were connected in a possiblities. Although there is no definent decision as of now the trade is still very plausible and the Tigers management are looking to cut this deal. Unfortunately for Detroit, the Tigers are contemplating the possible trade, with financial issues needing to be answered. And with other trades around the league funneling up things can and will get very hectic in the upcoming weeks. Shortstop is one of three priority positions that need to be fit accordingly for Detroit, and with Jed Lowrie emerging out of Boston the future for Lugo does not seem like a bright one.

One factor that might effect this trade is the fact that in the last two seasons of Lugo’s time with Boston his defense has statistically declined, The 33 year old shortstop had a Range Factor in 81 games this year that ranked below that of Edgar Renteria. Although Lugo has had thoughts about trade salary is an issue that Detroit needs to fix.


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