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Your NL MVP: Albert Pujols

Posted by Kenny Ducey on November 17, 2008


Albert Pujols, although he may be undeserving of the award, picked up the title of NL MVP today.

Albert Pujols, although he may be undeserving of the award, picked up the title of NL MVP today.

Albert Pujols was announced the National League’s Most Valuable Player today by Major League Baseball for the second time in his career.  Pujols beat out Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard by 6 first place votes (Pujols received 18, Howard got 12).


Pujols received the award after a year in which his Cardinals finished 4th in their division.  Pujols hit .357 on the year with 37 homers and 116 RBIs.  Pujols also missed some time this year with an elbow problem.  I really did not expect Pujols to pick up this award, I thought it would go to a deserving Ryan Howard.

Howard, who finished second, led the league with 46 homers and 146 RBIs while batting just .251.  He also won the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Now, given the award is Most Valuable, Howard did have a great supporting staff in Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Pat Burrell, and others.  However, it is questionable how well the Phillies would have done without that bat in the lineup.

Many think the Manny Ramirez should have won.  The Dodgers went 35-15 wih the newly acquired Manny in their lineup, and Manny had at least 1 RBI in every game.  He lso hit .347 with L.A.  Manny really led this second place Dodger team to the NLCS, where of course they lost to Ryan Howard and the Phillies.


3 Responses to “Your NL MVP: Albert Pujols”

  1. Troy said

    “Although he may be undeserving of the award.” How so, my friend? How did Howard deserve the award more when he didn’t even show up until late in the season, while Pujols was getting it done the whole season? People continue to fail to give Pujols his due when Howard, a man who has struck out 492 times since 2004/2005, continues to be unanimously glorified.

  2. Let me put it this way, he was less deseving as others. Manny did a stellar job in LA, and if Howard’s average was higher I think he would have run away with the MVP.

  3. Troy said

    Ramirez was only in the NL for a couple of months — that would have been a swindling case if he would have received the MVP — two months of Ramirez compared to a whole year of Pujols, whereas Pujols is downgraded because he has to put up with slugs like Cezar Izturis and Adam Kennedy.

    Ryan Howard saves his best performance for the last five weeks of the season. For that, he’s rewarded with gobs of MVP speculation, and maybe even the trophy itself a few weeks from now. There’s no penalty for his more pedestrian performance from April to late August. The Phillies needed wins before Memorial Day as surely as they do after Labor Day. But contributions are valued differently at different times of the year — even if the final numbers end up the same. Meanwhile, Pujols dominates for a full 162 games, and he’s somehow downgraded for not raising his game late in the year — even if he did more to help his team from wire to wire than anyone else.

    Read this article about how Albet Pujols is the most unappreciated player in sports. It explains, from being written a while back, how he should have won the MVP, and it was how he did, in the end, WIN the MVP:

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