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Dempster Signing Below the Dotted Line in Chicago

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 18, 2008


2008 17-Game winner Ryan Dempster will be a key part to the Cubs' 2009 pitching staff

2008 17-Game winner Ryan Dempster will be a key part to the Cubs

Ryan Dempster was an all-star for the Chicago Cubs and was their number one starter going into the playoffs. Personally I didn’t think he was going any were I mean the guys walks to Wrigley field everyday, hes a hometown here it seems and the fans love the guy. Even with all the free agents bopping around and swaying in the wind I didn’t see Dempster going any were. He is a very valuable player in that lineup and with a 4 year contract under his belt and 52 Million under his sleeve he will be sitting pretty in Chicago for a while.


     The free agent list goes on and on but to be totally honest with you the two main guys I am really focusing on too see were they will end up is AJ Burnett and Mark Texeria. To start i throw Burnett into the picture because when he is hot he is virtually unhittable the thing about him is his durability to last when he isn’t hot and those last couple of innings in which he is thrown off his hot streak, although he went 18-10 playing for the Jays his dependency on his hot streak will come into effect when he does sign below that dotted line. Texeria is just straight up the most talented player under free agency at this time, his versatility to play multiple positions around the field along with his explosiveness on the plate will make what ever story he is in make it to the front page. And the big impact with this first move with the Cubs is, the Braves may say they are not interested in Jake Peavy, but more or less i believe that was an artificial deadline, never the less I will be expecting those two to move else were we will have too see if Atlanta will make a move on Peavy soon its all up in the air and with teams like the Yankees and the Padres not making any serious moves, Atlanta is were I expect Peavy to relocate in the upcoming months.


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