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Dustin Pedroia Grabs AL MVP Award

Posted by Kenny Ducey on November 18, 2008


Justin Pedroia swept up teh competition today picking up the AL MVP award

Justin Pedroia swept up the competition today picking up the AL MVP award

Dustin Pedroia was announced the winner of the AL MVP Award today, beating out Minnestoa Twins’  slugger Justin Morneau.  Pedroia received 16 of 28 first place votes, while Morneau picked up only 6 first place votes.  Pedroia handily picked up the most points of anyone, beating out Morneau by 60 total points.  Kevin Youkilis and Joe Mauer received 2 first place votes each, and Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez only picked up one first place votes.  Pedroia becomes the first Second Baseman to win the award since 1959 when Nellie Fox picked up the award after playing for the White Sox.  Pedroia was even left off one writer’s ballot for the award, but nevertheless he won the award at the end of the day.

Pedroia has been a very decorated player over the last two years.  Pedroia won the AL Rookie of the Year in 2007, and also won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox.  Pedroia gets the honor today after the 5′ 9″ Second Baseman hit .326 with 17 homers and 83 RBIs usually out of the number two slot in the batting order.

Morneau, the runner up, hit .300 with 23 homers and 129 RBIs, and won the Home Run Derby this year.  Morneau proved valuable to his team this year picking up clutch hits and home runs throughout the year to keep his team in the game, and even win the game for them a few times.  Pedroia, on the other hand, took his heavy cut to pitchers this year in the AL, and had some huge homers against the New York Yankees, the bitter rivals of the Red Sox.


One Response to “Dustin Pedroia Grabs AL MVP Award”

  1. Can you provide more information on this for the rest of us Red Sox fans?

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