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Third jerseys getting first-rate reviews

Posted by Marc-Andrew Bezbatchenko on November 18, 2008

Buffal Sabres players in their 2007 throwback third jerseys

Buffal Sabres players in their 2007 throwback third jerseys

Now, its not mandatory for all 30 NHL teams to have a third jersey, but over the last 10 years, teams have turned these “retro” jerseys into something new, and electrifying. Tradition is at play in a lot of the third jerseys being unveiled this season across the NHL. We take a look at the many teams who have unveiled their jerseys already. Buffalo, goes back to the 1970 era, “It brings you back to guys like Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert,” Sabres center Derek Roy said of the famed “French Connection” line and its association with the team’s new third jersey. “It brings the legacy of the Sabres back.”

The Canucks go back to their roots as well, sporting the new updated colors, with the old C and hockey stick on the chest.  Edmonton, Toronto, And Pittsburgh, are also going back to their old sweaters too.

The new school hasn’t been forgotten, either. 

The Dallas Stars are unveiling a new look today. The Carolina Hurricanes,Atlanta Thrashers and Blues already have done so. The Chicago Blackhawks also have sported a unique look, separate from the retro jerseys they will don in the Winter Classic on Jan. 1. 

Well thats all we have for now, stay posted as we keep hitting and skating our way deeper into this NHL season, and stay tuned for more Blogs by your NHL Columnist…Bez


4 Responses to “Third jerseys getting first-rate reviews”

  1. steve203 said

    Thrashers have the Ugliest Jerseys of them all

  2. haha true dat, true dat

  3. Kenny using dat? lol your an editor dammit! haha j/k a dam good editor, true dat

  4. Marc Bezbatchenko said

    lol kewl dudezz lol

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