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UFC 91 Coture vs. Lesnar

Posted by Levi Wooten on November 18, 2008


Brock Lesnar back in 2003

Brock Lesnar back in 2003

This past Saturday night was one of the biggest UFC fights in the history of the sport. Brock Lesnar the former WWE wrestler fought the 45 year old UFC legend Randy Coture. On paper it looked like an amazing match up were new school took on old school. The UFC and MMA great would have to defend his UFC heaviweight championship. The fight was one for the ages.


          Brock Lesnar came into the fight with a chip on his shoulder, and Coture came in calm cool and collected. The 6 foot 2: 220 pound Randy Coture landed some good hits on the 6 foot 3: 275 pound Brock Lesnar and Coture drew first blood with a left hook on Lesnar. Lesnar said “I got nervous after he made me bleed and was worried, but it kind of pissed me off too.” The fight then moved to the second round. The fight ended in the second round with feroucious strikes by Brock Lesnar. He pounded his way to the UFC heavyweight championship. Lesnar won at 3:07 by TKO in the second round. Lesnar is the new UFC champ at 31 years of age. The next big thing? We’ll see.


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