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NFL Week 12 Preview

Posted by Cody Manmiller on November 19, 2008

As the NFL Season starts to wind down, and the teams are starting their play-off push, we still have two teams with dominant records powering forward in their season schedule. These two teams are the Tennessee Titans (10-0) and the New York Giants (9-1). The Titans have a commanding lead in the AFC South and the Giants lead the toughest division in the league, NFC East. The Cowboys are trying to get back into the playoff picture after their huge divisional win over the Redskins. The NY Jets are coming off a big win over the Pats and give themselves a one game lead over their rest of division. Here is a quick preview of each of the Week 12 games as well as my educated prediction:


Cincinnati (1-8-1) @ Pittsburgh (7-3) – Cincinnati fought with a talented Eagles team last week and ended up tying in OT. They are looking to keep the momentum going and try to make another upset, this time against the 7-3 Steelers. Pittsburgh, coming off their win against San Diego, which included a controversial call at the end of the game, looks to close in on the Titans for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Prediction: Pittsburgh Win 34-10


Houston (3-7) @ Cleveland (4-6) – Cleveland is coming off a dramatic win against the Bills and will look to keep it going against the struggling Texans. Houston has been close for most of their games, only to lose it at the end of the game. Brady Quinn will keep it going as a starter. Prediction: Cleveland 14-7

San Francisco (3-7) @ Dallas (6-4) – Dallas just got a huge divisional win over the Washington Redskins and are looking to get inside the playoff picture once again.  San Francisco has been struggling the whole season and I don’t see them rebounding anytime soon. Prediction: Dallas 42-10

Tampa Bay (7-3) @ Detroit (0-10) – Detroit is trying and crawling for their 1st win of the season but Tampa Bay is way too strong for the Lions. Tampa Bay inches more towards the playoffs with their win against the winless Lions. Prediction: Tampa Bay – 17-10

New York Jets(7-3) @ Tennessee Titans (10-0) – The Jets are coming off their dramatic win over division rival New England, and the Titans keep steaming forward, keeping their undefeated record alive as they beat the Jags last week. The Jets will make it a great game, but the Titans come out with the win. Prediction: Tennessee – 13-10

Buffalo (5-5) @ Kansas City (1-9) – Buffalo is really struggling now as they lost a MNF game against the up-and-coming Cleveland Browns with Brady Quinn. Kansas City has been playing decently the last couple weeks with new QB Tyler Thigpen. I think Kansas City pulls the upset over the struggling Bills. Prediction: Kansas City – 10-7

Chicago (5-5) @ St. Louis (2-8) –At one point in the season, it looked like St. Louis was turning around, but that didn’t happen. Chicago is sitting at 5-5 trying to push for a playoff spot. The playoff resilience rises to the top as “Da Bears” beat the Rams. Prediction: Chicago 17-10

New England (6-4) @ Miami (6-4) -Although New England is on the bubble nobody thought that Miami would be in the playoff hunt as well. Joey Porter will be coming out guns a-blazin’ I still see the veteran play by the Pats to take a win in Miami. Prediction: New England 31-24

Minnesota (5-5) @ Jacksonville (4-6)– The Vikings are in a very mediocre division right now and it seem to me like they really don’t want that divisional win or a wild card spot. With that being said the Jag’s have played below average every game but if they can do something better than anyone else than maybe the Steelers or the Giants, its punch you in the mouth and never stop until the regulated time expires. I see Jacksonville taking a win at home. Prediction: Jacksonville 24-17 

Philidelphia (5-4) @ Baltimore (6-4)–  Philidelphia and the not so educated McNabb take on the Ravens who suffered a not so perfect loss to the Giants last week. Not too mention Phili essentially lost to Cinci in 5 last week I cant see the ‘Birds winning in Baltimore. Prediction: Baltimore 21-10

Oakland (2-8) @ Denver (6-4)– Oakland travels to mile high this week and it seems like after taking a W against Atlanta the Bronco’s will be coming out wailing. Denver wins but fortunately for them they are playing Oakland, if they were playing anyone else then Oakland they would be in trouble but I think Shanahan will gratuitously take the win from Al Davis. Prediction: Denver 34-16  

Carolina (8-2) @ Atlanta (6-4)– Carolina barely snuck out a win against Detroit, although there rushing game is supurb Jake Dehlhomme was shutdown and there was a lot of lock down coverage on the Panthers recievers, look for Atlanta and Ryan to bounce back from their loss at home this upcoming week. Prediction: Atlanta 17-14  

New York (9-1) @ Arizona (7-3) – This game I feel coming in second to the Monday night game will be a great game to watch this week. The Giants beat the hell out of the #1 rush defense of the Ravens last week and playing Arizona I don’t see them stopping. Kurt Warner will come out with crazy amounts of completions and and a Passer Rating of a billion. Although the Giants secondary isn’t the greatest I just don’t see Arizona stopping this hard-nose run game of the Giants.                                 Prediction: New York 27-24  

 Washington (6-4) @ Seattle (2-8) – Washington and Jim Zorn are on the hot seat moving into late November and thats not a good sign when your ball club starts with a very bright picture for the playoffs. Now sitting at 6-4 and having lost their last two at home I can see them makign the playoffs but not going far. Although I cant see them making it far this year, they take a win in Seattle. that team is just too hurt to do anything. Prediction:  21-17       

Indianapolis (6-4) @ San Diego (4-6) – Indy is looking very strong winning there last couple in a row and with San Diego dropping rapidly in the Playoff hunt chances for the Colts couldnt be getting better. With Peyton Manning throwing like a start he is showing extreme poise in the pocket. Prediction: Indianapolis 34-24


New Orleans @ Green Bay – Green Bay has been performing decent against mediocore teams and with a thrashing against the bears I feel that Grant [Green Bay RB] will have a break out game. I dont expect the secondary to shutdown Drew Brees so all you fanatasy freaks out there i would play him but sit the Saints defense out for this one becuase Aaron Rodgers will pick them apart. This game was tough to pick but I honestly think going into Green Bay will be tough and being a Saint fan this was a difficult for me too do but… Prediction: Green Bay 34-31   


Written in conjunction by Philip Saponara and Cody Manmiller


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