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Pacman Jones Reinstated by the NFL

Posted by Kenny Ducey on November 19, 2008

Adam “Pacman” Jones was reinstated by NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell today after being suspended for a scuffle he had with his bodyguard in October.  Pacman looks to help the struggling Cowboys get back in the playoff hunt, as the first game he will play since being suspended will be against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He will miss this week’s matchup against the 49ers, and then miss the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Pacman will help out a struggling Dallas secondary and a team in the Cowboys hurt by injury.

Pacman couldn’t be back at a better time for the Cowboys, as they play a big matchup against the Steelers, who may be one of the teams standing in the way of a late run to the playoffs for the Cowboys.  The Cowboys currently stand at 6-4, and they should finish 10-6 on the year if they win all the games they should win.  The games they should win are against the 49ers, Seahawks, and Eagles.  They play big teams in the Steelers, Ravens, and Giants.  If they win against the Ravens, Giants or Steelers, they finish 10-6, and have a good chance of getting in the playoffs.


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