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The Guys

Hey everyone, We are the Sports Guys. We are guys who just bleed sports. We provide up-to-the-date intelligent opinion on many stories going on in the world of sports, as well as power rankings, interesting stories, and game recaps. Here is our Staff:

Editor in Chief, Owner and President – Kenny Ducey

Editor,  Vice President – Phil Saponara

Editor – Matt Rosenthal

Staff Writer – Andrew Gelinas

Staff Writer – Nike Abbett

Staff Writer – Cody Manmiller

Staff Writer – Levi Wooten

Staff Writer – Marc Bezbatchenko

Contributor – Greg Meyer

Contributor – Matt Borkowski

Contributor – Shawn Farash

Contributor – Kelly Turner

Contributor – Tomer Talmy


3 Responses to “The Guys”

  1. Marc Bezbatchenko said

    im NHL

  2. Andrew Gelinas said

    I’m college b-ball and college football. I do college.

  3. I am god essentially… yeah if you got any questions just come to me, Deuce/ Kenny

    “Im mostly known by the name of Jesus, you pronnounce it Jee-su-s”

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