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Become a Sports Guy

If you are reading all of this great material and thinking to yourself “Man, I could so be a writer, I wish I could write for this site”, well guess what, you are in luck.  I am accepting requests to be added to our writing staff.  Just shoot me an email at with an article sample, and I will be sure to get you all the information you need to become a Sports Guy!


One Response to “Become a Sports Guy”

  1. jackson spohr said

    College basketball is starting up and is the only thing on my mind. Kansas Jayhawks are starting there place at 24 wich is an outrage after winning a national championship last year. North carolina is good as well but if anbody recalls a beatdown in the final four in San Antonio. North Carolina is number 1 this year right out of the gate. And the following top 25 are listed.

    1. North Carolina
    2. Connecticut
    3. Louisville
    4. UCLA
    5. Michigan State
    6. Pittsburgh
    7. Texas
    8. Notre Dame
    9. Gonzaga
    10. Duke
    11. Purdue
    12. Oklahoma
    13. Memphis
    14. Tennessee
    15. Arizona State(tie)
    15. Marquette(tie)
    17. Miami (FL)
    18. Florida
    19. USC
    20. Wake Forest
    21. Davidson
    22. Georgetown
    23. Villanova
    24. Kansas
    25. Wisconsin

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