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Brian Burke To Toronto?

Posted by Marc-Andrew Bezbatchenko on November 20, 2008

Well, its been about a week since the Anaheim Ducks former General Manager Brian Burke declined a contract extension and left, and now there’s some speculation that he might be heading to Toronto. Its already been 3 months into the NHL 08-09 campaign, and the Maple Leafs are yet to be excited.

The Maple Leafs current GM, Cliff Fletcher, made some off-season moves to hopefully juice this team and city up for a much waited playoff run, but by acquiring Niklas Hagman, Mikhail Grabovski, Dominic Moore, Jeff Finger, Jonas Frogren, Mike Van Ryn, and Curtis Joseph, the team still sits in 10th place among the Eastern Conference while sitting in 4th in the Northeast Division, only in front of Ottawa, which has 15 points. Plain and simple, the Leafs have 18 points, and they need more.

So a solution now….. sign Burke.

Burke has experience as he won a Stanley cup as recently as 2006-2007.  The last time the Leafs won a cup, in 1967, Brian Burke was 12….he’s 53 now.

So with that being said…why don’t you (Leafs and fans) cut that piece of garbage guy who was supposed to “reform” the organization and sign this guy. What do you have to lose? Or you could keep losing to those damn Sabres and Canadiens all the time, or have to worry about a second franchise coming to town.

In conclusion, Brian Burke coming to Toronto to help the Leafs could only bring good.


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Heilman says out of the bullpen or out of NY

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 20, 2008

Aaron Heliman, Drafted out of the University of Notre Dame initially worked as a starting pitcher until his flop season of with the Mets as he went 5-13 with a 5.93 ERA. In 2006. Heilman hasn’t stated he wants out of New York he just wants to get out of the ‘Pen and get on the mound. 

     “The object is to get out of the bullpen. The most success he’s ever had as a pitcher has been as a starting pitcher. He was drafted by the Mets as a starting pitcher,” said Mark Rodgers Heilman’s agent “The object the whole time was to never get out of New York” Quote Published by

     Although many fans are do not adore Heliman and neither they should, the reliever pitched 3-8 with a 5.21 ERA, with five blown saves, and gave up 44 earned runs, the most in his three seasons as a reliever. Heilman has been known to blow a few key games but he really trashed the mound at the end of the year when the Mets needed a reliever the most. 

This now brings me to my short editorial portion. The Mets are currently weak in the ‘Pen and if they could pull of some relievers the not so promising Metropolitans could get on fire fast, specially if Chase Utley for the Phili’s is out till June it could make that division very open. Fransisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes,Trevor Hoffman, and Kerry Wood are the current closer’s that I believe the mets will be looking at. Although K-Rod will be wanting around 75 Million dollars somewhere entitled in his contract the Mets have a decent amount to spend and starting with Rodriguez might not be a bad option, the guy is lights out and he was a big success to the Angels 100 win regular season. Brian Fuentes on the other hand gave Colorado a great run and pitched an ERA. of 2.73, and 30 saves, this could definitely help the Mets chances stay into games that deal with runners in scoring positions and a big batter up to hit in the 8th inning or so. Trevor Hoffman and Kerry Wood pitched an ERA of 3.77 and 3.26 respectively.

     Although I think Fuentes could aid the Mets a tad more the Veteran pitchers of Wood and Hoffman could both be a wearing a orange and blue jersey come training. Look for these closers to move around the league in the upcoming weeks.

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Pinstripes and Yankees Colors seem to run in the Family

Posted by Philip Saponara on November 20, 2008

Recent news coming out of New York is saying that George Steinbrenner is taking a step back and out of baseball to pursue a career of sitting on his billion square foot home on the river watching his son Hal take over his used to be owned New York Yankees. Although Hal was just noted the owner on Thursday we all knew that either of Georgy’s sons were going to own the multi-billion dollar team. Hal and his older brother Hank were named Co-Chairman for the Bronx Bomberslast April and withGeorge gradually pulling away and not attending to his diamond in the rough that is the Yankees, he let his sons take most of the work in the past season. Although Hal is owning the Yanks on his own he will be getting aid from his older brother Hank in upcoming season’s and judging that the Yankees are closing in on a deal with Sabathia and with a pick up of Peavy or Burnett, this franchise could be a change for the better in the upcoming season.

     Although this is big news Mussina’s retirement slipped under the radar this past week and not many tabloids have been making a big deal out of it. Its not that Mussina was a bad pitcher either, he was an excellent pitcher for the clutch situations and snagged his 20th win on his last game of the season in 08. If the Yankees can make a run for either the combination of C.C.+Burnett, Burnett+Peavy, or Peavy+C.C. it will make news fly out of New York faster than the Bills are loosing ground in the playoff hunt! With that being said i am not calling anything and being a Metropolitanfan it will be for me to say this, but the Yanks could be a great team this year if they pick up any of the combinations above, and with a new owner i think it will spice up the flavor in that Yankees dugout. 

Be sure to catch my NY Mets article about deals with Aaron Heilman and the Issue with all the Relievers out in the free agency.

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